Philosophy Links

General Sites


Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy — General material.

Guide to Philosophy on the Internet — List of philosophy websites.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy — More useful information.

The Perseus Project — A digital library of classical texts from Tufts University.

Classics at MIT — Electronic classical texts from the ancient world. - A variety of translations of the Bible, Church fathers and more. N.B. The Douay Rheims version supplied omits the 'apocrypha' although, strangely, the King James version is supplied separately.

Douay Rheims Bible  - Old Catholic Bible, Septuagint canon favoured by 1611 KJV, Orthodox and Catholics.

Church Fathers - Basic works of the Church fathers.

Summa Theologica - St Thomas Aquinas's splendid work. Walsingham Abbey

Philosophers' Works - Some philosophers' works. A wonderful, easy-to-use resource. Just click and see. Peter King's hard work.

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle - Information about three Greek thinkers.

Catholic Encyclopaedia - A compendium of Catholic thought.

Catholic Ebooks - Sources of free Catholic ebooks

Jewish Encyclopaedia - An encyclopaedia of Jewish thought.

Islamic Philosophy - A source of Islamic philosophy.

African Philosophy Resources - Sources of African Philosophy.

Chinese Philosophy Resources - Sources of Chinese Philosophy and Literature.

Indian Philosophy - Eastern and other sources.


Individual Sites


Philosophy around the Web — Peter King's on-line philosophy.

History of Philosophy - Excellent site at King's College, London by Peter Adamson.

Philosophy Research Base — Danne Polk's site.

Ethics Updates — Theoretical and applied ethics.

Women's Studies Resources — Women's Studies by Karla Tonella.

The Culture and History of Science Page — Hartmut Krech's philosophy of science.

Mind/Brain Resources — Cognitive science by Valerie Gray Hardcastle.

History of Economic Thought — McMaster University's resource.

The Realm of Existentialism — Katharena Eiermann.

Kerala, IndiaEnviroLink — Environmental and animal rights issues.

Anarchist Archives — Dana Ward on anarchist history and literature.

The Secular Web — Sources for the atheist.

International Society for Chinese Philosophy — from Chung-Ying Cheng.

Encéphi, L'encyclopédie électronique de la philosophie — Par R. Tremblay et M. Robert.

Die Philosophie-Seiten — Ein Verzeichnis von Philosophie-Datenquellen von Dieter Köhler.

Philosophers Today — Joachim Koch und Lara Bandilla.

PhilNet: Internet-AG — Am Philosophischen Seminar der Universität Hamburg.

Philosophy Sites on the Internet — Philosophy-related links from Tel-Aviv University.

Servizui Web Italiano per la Filosofia — Lucian Floridi, Università di Bari.

Enciclopedia Multimediale della Scienze Filosofiche — Marco Campogiani.

Philosophy Links — from fambof in the Netherlands.

Filosofía — Por J. Hernández Reynés, Universitat Autònoma di Barcelona.

phrónesis — Grupo Sartre in Argentina.

The Philosophy Net — from Daniel Rönnedal, in Swedish and English.

ephilosopher — On-line chat by Paul J. Neufeld

Animus — On-line philosophical journal.

The Philosophers' Magazine — Secularist thinking.

Factasia Philosophy — R. B. Jones's philosophy site.

Society for Philosophical Inquiry — from Chris Phillips.

Philosophical Humour — ROFL with David Chalmers.

Malaspina Great Books — Bibliography for great books.

The Online Books Page — A general guide to available electronic texts in many fields.

Philosophy Pages - Philosophy by Garth Kemerling

Images of Justice - Images of Justice by Michael Allen Dean