Special Issue: The Promise of Legal Semiotics

TitleSpecial Issue: The Promise of Legal Semiotics
Publication TypeUnpublished
AuthorsCacciaguidi-Fahy, S, Mooney, A

The 2008 International Roundtable for the Semiotics of Law aimed to focus on the progress to date in the many facets - methodological, epistemological and conceptual - of the field of legal semiotics, specifically the contribution of different schools and forms of semiotics as well as emerging and emergent semiotics approaches which can be used in researching and interpreting law and legal phenomena. The participants sought primarily to engage with the epistemological and methodological challenges which the field currently faces and to discuss the implications of these. TOC: Jose de Sousa e Brito: Does Legal Semiotics Cannibalize Jurisprudence? Christopher B. Gray: The Semiotics of Memes in the Law: Jack Balkin's Promise of Legal Semiotics Miklas Kanczl: What There is Left and How It Works: Ancient Rhetoric and the Semiotics of Law Malik Bozzo-Rey: Entre analyse linguistique et theorie generale du droit: la Nomographie de Jeremy Bentham.