Soviet Legal Philosophy

TitleSoviet Legal Philosophy
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1951
AuthorsBabb, HW
PublisherCambridge, Harvard University Press

The state, by V.I. Lenin.–The revolutionary part played by law and the state; a general doctrine of law, by P.I. Stuchka.–The theory of Petrazhitskii: Marxism and social ideology. Law, our law, foreign law, general law, by M.A. Reisner.–The general theory of law and Marxism, by E.B. Pashukanis.–The right deviation in the Communist Party of Bolsheviks. Political report of the Central (Party) Committee to the XVI Congress, 1930, by J.V. Stalin.– The Soviet state and the revolution in law, by E.B. Pashukanis.–Socialism and law, by P. Yudin.–The fundamental tasks of the science of Soviet socialist law, by A.Y. Vyshinsky.–Report to the XVIII Party Congress, by J.V. Stalin.–The theory of the state and law, by S.A. Golunskii and M.S. Strogovich.–The Soviet state in the war for the fatherland, by A.Y. Vyshinsky.–The relationship between state and law, by I.P. Trainin.