The Rationale of Punishment

TitleThe Rationale of Punishment
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsBentham, J
PublisherPrometheus Books

Definitions and distinctions – Classification – Of the ends of punishment – Cases unmeet for punishment – Expense of punishment – Measure of punishment – Of the properties to be given to a lot of punishment – Of analogy between crimes and punishment – Of retaliation – Popularity – Simple afflictive punishments – Of complex afflictive punishments – Of restrictive punishments–territorial confinement – Imprisonment – Imprisonment–fees – Imprisonment examined – General scheme of imprisonment – Of other species of territorial confinement–quasi-imprisonment–relegation–banishment – Of simply restrictive punishments – Of active or laborious punishment – Capital punishment – Capital punishment examined – Punishment analyzed – Of the punishments belonging to the moral sanction – Forfeiture of reputation – Of pecuniary forfeitures – Forfeiture of condition – Forfeiture of the protection of the law – Naturally extravasting punishment–rules concerning it – Punishment apparently, but not really, mis-seated–civil responsibility – Mis-seated punishment, varieties of – Vicarious punishment – Transitive punishment – Disadvantages of this mode of punishment – Collective punishment – Random punishment – Cause of the frequency of mis-seated punishment – Inconveniences of complex punishments – Of transportation – Panopticon penitentiary – Felony – Of præ{}munire – Outlawry – Excommunication – Choice of punishment–latitude to be allowed to the judges – Of subsidiary punishments – Of surety for good conduct – Defeazance of punishment.