Direct Effect of WTO Law: A Collection of Essays

TitleDirect Effect of WTO Law: A Collection of Essays
Publication TypeUnpublished
AuthorsZonnekeyn, GA

The effect of the WTO Agreements within the legal order of the EU has been the object of a fierce controversy in the case law of the Court of First Instance and of the European Court of Justice ever since the conception of the WTO. The case law of the Luxembourg Courts clearly indicates that practitioners seem to have explored practically all the boundaries of this extremely fascinating subject. Direct Effect of WTO law is a collection of essays written over a period of more than ten years and chronicles the evolution in the case law of the European Courts in Luxembourg on the enforceability of GATT and WTO law in the EU legal order. Some of the essays concentrate on more controversial subjects such as the status in the EU legal order of decisions taken by the WTO dispute settlement bodies and the question whether the EU institutions should be held liable under EU law for not acting in conformity with WTO law. The book also contains some essays analyzing the opportunities given to EU companies to enforce WTO law through the application of the so-called Trade Barriers Regulation and gives an almost complete picture of how WTO law can be enforced in the EU legal order by individuals.