Kate Mansey thought her daughter was dead only for her to recover but develop temperature and cough 

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:48
They were 30 seconds of my life that must have aged me about ten years. My toddler had tried to climb the stairs and as she tumbled down the last couple of steps on her bottom.
Categories: Media

Trump makes a risky reelection bet

CNN - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:47
At a time when large majorities of Americans support the stay-at-home orders that their governors have issued to keep them safe, President Donald Trump once again stepped into the role of rabble-rouser on Friday by siding with the small group of agitators who turned up at Michigan's state Capitol the previous day to protest Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's stringent stay-at-home order.
Categories: Media

Jeremy Corbyn faces claims of 'backseat driving' bid to undermine Sir Keir Starmer

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:47
Corbyn (pictured in parliament) sparked fury among Starmer loyalists by appearing to signal he was wrong to keep pressing the government over how the country will get out of the lockdown.
Categories: Media

DIARY OF AN NHS DOCTOR: At 11am, there's a minute's silence for the NHS staff we've lost.

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:46
Since the crisis began, I've been drinking too much coffee to try to stay alert. I've suffered heart palpitations as a result, so I'm going to try detox this week - or at least that's what I'm telling myself.
Categories: Media

Police chief warns officers to stop prancing around in TikTok videos during coronavirus pandemic

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:44
Officers throughout the country are posting videos of themselves dancing online on social media app TikTok, drawing the ire of Chief Constable Gavin Stephens, lead for digital engagement.
Categories: Media

Culture Minister Oliver Dowden blasts BBC director-general over bias in wake of Panorama programme

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:39
Mr Dowden urged director-general Tony Hall to 'uphold the highest standards in relation to integrity and impartiality' in the wake of the Panorama programme which featured five left-wing activists.
Categories: Media

Actress MARCIA DO VALES reveals what life was like during Madrid's coronavirus lockdown

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:38
After seven weeks of lockdown - forbidden from leaving our homes except for food and medicine - the feeling of the sun on my face felt wonderful, actress MARCIA DO VALES writes.
Categories: Media

Britons will be allowed to exercise several times each day in the first stage of relaxing lockdown

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:30
Ministers are preparing to lift restrictions on outdoor activities such as picnics as the first stage in relaxing the lockdown. People must be with household members and stay 6ft 6in from others.
Categories: Media

Billionaire parents sue world's most expensive school over claims their daughter was bullied

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:25
Indian businessman Pankaj Oswal claims the Institut Le Rosey, an exclusive Swiss school that charges annual fees of £100,000, failed to adequately protect his daughter.
Categories: Media

Brussels trade talks will collapse within weeks unless EU nations 'get real' about Britain's stance

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:15
Britain is urging Brussels to adopt a more realistic approach to the negotiations to not 'waste time' and include more one-on-one talks with the UK's lead negotiator David Frost (left).
Categories: Media

Landmark legal bid to force clinics to tell women the truth about what is involved in an abortion

Daily Mail - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:08
Ana-Maria Tudor, 32, is launching a legal bid to force clinics to tell their patients that a foetus may feel pain during termination. Ms Tudor claims the current abortion guidelines are out of date.
Categories: Media

How do you cope when everyone in your family is infected with Covid-19?

BBC News - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:06
Karolina Padolskyte, her husband Steve and baby daughter Amaya, all caught Covid-19.
Categories: Media

Coronavirus: Mask photos show 'emotions and tiredness' of Ipswich NHS workers

BBC News - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:02
Colin Young photographs his colleagues to give them "something to look back on in years to come".
Categories: Media

Coronavirus: The rise of the milkmen and women

BBC News - Sun, 2020-05-03 00:01
Self-isolation and a lack of supermarket delivery slots have driven a switch to milk deliveries.
Categories: Media

TALK OF THE TOWN: The Wifelets of the 7th Marquess of Bath face the elbow

Daily Mail - Sat, 2020-05-02 23:58
TALK OF THE TOWN: After the death last month of the eccentric 7th Marquess of Bath, pictured, his 'wifelet' lovers fear they face a new heartbreak - losing their homes.
Categories: Media

DAN HODGES: If our New Normal is the state telling me who I can and can't see, count me out 

Daily Mail - Sat, 2020-05-02 23:58
Last week it emerged Ministers are giving serious consideration to the creation of a 'bubble' of ten family members and acquaintances we will be allowed to see as we ease out of lockdown.
Categories: Media

He really is The Mountain! Game of Thrones star Hafþór Björnsson breaks world deadlifting record

Daily Mail - Sat, 2020-05-02 23:54
Björnsson  - who is best known for playing 'The Mountain' on the hit HBO series - performed the deadlift in an empty Reykjavík gym due to coronavirus restrictions on large gatherings.
Categories: Media

Son, 55, nurses Covid-stricken father, 81, back to health after he was released from hospital to die

Daily Mail - Sat, 2020-05-02 23:39
Raj Nathwani (left, with his mother Kanchan, father Suri and brother Manish) also used a Google spreadsheet to monitor 81-year-old Suri's vital signs and kept his house clean in Watford.
Categories: Media

Space X passes final parachute test ahead its historic launch on May 27

Daily Mail - Sat, 2020-05-02 23:32
Space X's final parachute test passed with flying colors ahead of its launch in May It will be the US's first manned in nearly nine years.
Categories: Media

'Wonder-drug' made to fight ebola could be the world's first real weapon against Covid-19

Daily Mail - Sat, 2020-05-02 23:25
US researchers have published early data which suggests a drug, called remdesivir, pictured, could effectively treat people with coronavirus.
Categories: Media


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