Ford v Ferrari true story legendary feud over bad business deal that led Ford's 1966 win at Le Mans

Daily Mail - 1 hour 22 min ago
New film, Ford v Ferrari released on November 15 tells the David and Goliath story of how Henry Ford II defeated the reigning champion, Enzo Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans race in north-west France.
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'Since Mum died, NHS care has got worse', says Julie Bailey

Daily Mail - 1 hour 23 min ago
Julie Bailey's experience is being brought to TV screens in Channel 4's The Cure. It tells the story of how conditions at Stafford Hospital caused a national scandal twelve years ago.
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I didn't tell anyone I was blind for 38 years

Daily Mail - 1 hour 25 min ago
Zena Cooper, 42, from South Wales, a single mum of four with a master's degree, lived so adeptly with sight loss for nearly four decades that even her parents didn't know its severity.
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General election 2019: Don't give up on stopping Brexit - Tusk

BBC News - 1 hour 25 min ago
The outgoing European Council chief says leaving the EU would leave the UK a "second-rate player".
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Two Mexican nationals busted for growing 8,656 pounds of marijuana in a California national forest

Daily Mail - 1 hour 26 min ago
Armando Vargas Garcia, 37, and Eduardo Montero Aleman, 37, were arrested September 5 at Shasta National Forest for growing 8,656 plants of marijuana.
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Meghan Markle may spend Thanksgiving in London rather than LA

Daily Mail - 1 hour 27 min ago
Meghan Markle is considering ditching her plan of going to Los Angeles for Thanksgiving, instead having her mother Doria Ragland, 63, make the 11-hour journey to the UK.
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Snow weather warning in place for much of Wales

BBC News - 1 hour 30 min ago
Heavy downpours are also forecast and may bring flooding, warns the Met Office.
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'We saw it coming': Former fire commissioner says government was warned on bushfires

Sydney Morning Herald - 1 hour 31 min ago
Australia could have been better prepared for the current bushfire crisis if the government had heeded warnings from emergency leaders, says former FRNSW Commissioner Greg Mullins.
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The impact of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision not to spend Christmas with the royal family

Daily Mail - 1 hour 31 min ago
RICHARD KAY: You would have thought that when your grandparents are as elderly as the Queen and Prince Philip, making life easy and uncomplicated for them would be a matter of course.
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Five men run into a Nike store in California and steal armloads of sneakers 

Daily Mail - 1 hour 41 min ago
Shocked customers witnessed at least five men run into a Nike store in California and steal armloads of sneakers. One man appeared to have 10 boxes of sneakers in his arms.
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Markets Live: ASX futures pointing higher, BHP CEO to exit

Sydney Morning Herald - 1 hour 42 min ago
Following falls in the previous two sessions, the ASX looks set to gain in early trade despite mixed offshore leads.
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Almost 80 bushfires blaze across state, concern for Woodgate and Noosa North Shore

Sydney Morning Herald - 1 hour 42 min ago
In total, 78 bushfires are burning across the state but conditions are expected to be easier on firefighters compared to Wednesday.
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Donald Trump boasts he and Turkish strongman Erdogan 'have been friends for a long time'

Daily Mail - 1 hour 43 min ago
Trump's warm welcome of the Turkish president comes amid anger about Ankara's offensive into Syria to drive out a Kurdish militia, Washington's main partner in the fight against ISIS.
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Trump denies knowledge of phone call he allegedly made revealed during hearing

CNN - 1 hour 46 min ago
• Republican response to hearings? 'Boring'
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Beijing tests submarine-launched nukes that could OBLITERATE San Francisco

Daily Mail - 1 hour 48 min ago
The Chinese navy tested its state-of-the-art JL-3 missile in Bohai Bay in the Yellow Sea last month, insiders have revealed. It offers a strike range of 5,600 miles - a 1,250 mile boost to its predecessor.
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Donald Trump: I'm 'too busy' to watch TV impeachment hearing

Daily Mail - 1 hour 52 min ago
Questions arose because of the absence of a U.S. Marine standing guard outside the West Wing, a typical feature of the White House landscape whenever a president is at work there.
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YouTuber Paige Ginn strips from the waist down for FARTING gender reveal

Daily Mail - 1 hour 54 min ago
Actress and social media 'prankster' Paige Ginn, 25, posted the gender reveal online this week. Video shows her laying on her stomach, naked from the waist down, with blue and pink balloons behind her.
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Taylor reveals new details about Trump's involvement

CNN - 1 hour 59 min ago
The top US diplomat in Ukraine, Bill Taylor, told Congress in new testimony Wednesday that President Donald Trump cared more about an investigation of former Vice President Joe Biden than he did about Ukraine.
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Doctors removed a tumor the size of a soccer ball from a man's neck

CNN - 2 hours 1 min ago
The New Jersey man had just one option to get rid of the massive tumor that had been growing on his neck and was now threatening his life: Remove it.
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