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Updated: 59 min 8 sec ago

Rival factions clash in Libya's Tripoli

1 hour 1 min ago
Explosions and artillery fire shatter period of relative calm in the capital amid signs of a split in pro-Haftar forces.
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Kenya's Ogiek win land case against government

2 hours 14 min ago
The Ogiek people, evicted from the Mau Forest since colonial times, have won a historic battle in African land rights.
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Tharparkar residents feel ignored after Zardari snub

3 hours 31 min ago
Politicians accused of glossing over worsening poverty and child mortality rates blighting Sindh province's Tharparkar.
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What is Iran's endgame in Syria?

4 hours 52 min ago
We ask close ally of newly re-elected President Hassan Rouhani and former prominent Iranian diplomat, Hossein Mousavian.
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Is everything really better in Canada?

4 hours 53 min ago
We reveal struggles facing Canada’s indigenous people and Muslims, and question whether everything is better in Canada.
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Philippines marital law: Rekindling horrific memories

5 hours 33 min ago
All of a sudden, the Philippines is grappling with the spectre of ISIL and, for some, Marcosian authoritarianism.
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'Coalition strikes kill 106 civilians' in Al Mayadeen

5 hours 55 min ago
No reaction from US-led coalition to reports of at least 106 deaths from attack on ISIL-held Al Mayadeen in Deir Az Zor.
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At least 15 Afghan soldiers killed in Taliban attack

5 hours 58 min ago
The army base in Shah Wali Kot is the Taliban's third major military target this week in Kandahar province.
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Tunisia opens trial over 2015 Sousse beach killings

8 hours 44 min ago
Twenty-six people, including six policemen, are on trial over a 2015 beach attack that left dozens of tourists dead.
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Corbyn: We have to admit 'war on terror' is not working

8 hours 55 min ago
As election campaigning restarts following Manchester attack, UK opposition leader addresses root causes of 'terror'.
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Egypt: Gunmen attack bus carrying Coptic Christians

9 hours 3 min ago
At least 26 people are killed and dozens wounded after attack on bus in Minya province, according to state media.
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Bangladesh: Lady Justice statue removed after protests

9 hours 21 min ago
Statue of a sari-clad woman holding scales taken down amid tight security after months of protests by religious groups.
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Who is really responsible for deadly refugee journeys?

9 hours 37 min ago
The EU should stop blaming NGOs for saving lives at sea and start tackling the problems that force people to migrate.
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South Africa's Mmusi Maimane 'barred' from Zambia

10 hours 14 min ago
Maimane says he was denied entry to the country over his support for a Zambian opposition leader charged with treason.
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Week in pictures: From Manchester attack to Trump visit

10 hours 42 min ago
A photo round-up of some of last week's key events, including an attack in Manchester and Trump's first foreign trip.
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Seven things you need to know about the G7 summit

11 hours 11 min ago
What does the G7 stand for, who are they key players and what are the potential bust-ups this year?
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Namibia: Skulls of my People

11 hours 28 min ago
Tribal leaders in Namibia fight the German government for the return of hundreds of skulls taken for racial experiments.
Categories: Media

The New Germans

11 hours 28 min ago
Exploring Germany's reception of new immigrants and its long-term pursuit of Arab migrants as a demographic strategy.
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Slovakia's Roma: Living on the margins

12 hours 15 min ago
There are around a half-million Roma in Slovakia, most of whom live in impoverished slums.
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Heavy rains cause deadly landslides in Sri Lanka

12 hours 53 min ago
Roads flooded and houses buried as Rain-triggered mudslides kill at least 23 people in different parts of Sri Lanka.
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