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Updated: 1 hour 26 min ago

EU leaders show brief unity in family photo, without UK

2 hours 10 min ago
Leaders from across the European Union have posed together for a “family photo” for the first time in years

The Latest: Britain's soggy Brexit election nears an end

2 hours 16 min ago
Polls close in less than an hour in Britain’s general election, where voters are deciding which party will form a government and try to break the country’s political deadlock over Brexit

Vale-commissioned report says no warning before dam collapse

2 hours 26 min ago
A new company-commissioned study on a deadly dam break in Brazil finds that none of the structure's monitoring systems gave warning of the collapse that killed at least 257 people

US send first non-Guatemalan migrant family to Guatemala

2 hours 26 min ago
The U.S. government has sent the first non-Guatemalan migrant family to that nation

Cuba tourists barely pass 4 million, in disappointing result

2 hours 39 min ago
Cuba’s government has announced that visitor numbers will only reach slightly more than 4 million this year, dealing a blow to a faltering economy heavily dependent on income from the sector

Chile: Plane that vanished en route to Antarctica found

4 hours 11 min ago
Chilean officials say that searchers have a military transport plane that disappeared en route to Antarctica

Lebanon's FM calls for emergency government of experts

4 hours 11 min ago
Lebanon’s foreign minister, an ally of the militant Hezbollah group, has called for an emergency government made up of experts to deal with the country's economic downward spiral

New Zealand authorities launch risky operation to recover bodies of 8 victims of volcanic eruption

4 hours 30 min ago
New Zealand authorities launch risky operation to recover bodies of 8 victims of volcanic eruption

Death toll in hospital shooting in Czech Republic rises to 7

4 hours 30 min ago
A hospital spokeswoman says a woman critically injured in a hospital shooting in the Czech Republic has died, raising the death toll to seven

Iran post office delivers box to minister in drone test

5 hours 31 min ago
Iran’s post office has used a drone to test fly a box to the country’s telecommunications minister

Canadian opposition Conservative leader resigns

5 hours 31 min ago
Canada's opposition Conservative leader says he's resigning as party leader

Greece: Lawmakers back plan to ax massive bad-loan backlog

5 hours 31 min ago
Lawmakers in Greece have approved a state guarantee system aimed reducing a massive volume of non-performing and troubled loans at private banks that built up during the country's extended financial crisis

Laundromat, car dealership, grotto and pubs used in UK vote

5 hours 31 min ago
Britain's electoral officials have had to improvise when choosing polling places for a rare December election

French union warns pension reform strike could hit Christmas

6 hours 21 min ago
French President Emmanuel Macron is suggesting that he's ready to make changes to his plans to overhaul the pension system amid nationwide strikes

Controversial Zapata painting will stay on display in Mexico

6 hours 21 min ago
Mexico's culture ministry says a controversial painting of a Mexican Revolution hero will remain on exhibit

EU leaders set to reject Turkey-Libya maritime border deal

6 hours 26 min ago
European Union leaders are set to reject a maritime border deal between Turkey and Libya as invalid

Canada’s opposition Conservative Party leader says he will resign

6 hours 31 min ago
Canada’s opposition Conservative Party leader says he will resign

Ukrainian police arrest suspects in journalist's 2016 murder

6 hours 33 min ago
Ukraine's interior minister says police have arrested several suspects in the car-bomb killing of a prominent journalist three years ago

Former Bolivian leader Morales moves to Argentina

7 hours 17 min ago
Officials say former Bolivian President Evo Morales has flown to Argentina, where the new center-left government has granted him political asylum

Denmark to send frigate to European-led mission in Gulf

7 hours 18 min ago
Denmark says it will send a frigate with a crew of about 155 and a helicopter to a European-led military mission aimed at monitoring shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf