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The Case for an Autonomy-Centred View of Physician-Assisted Death

Mon, 2020-04-20 22:00
AbstractMost people who defend physician-assisted death (PAD) endorse theJoint View, which holds that two conditions —autonomy and welfare—must be satisfied for PAD to be justified. In this paper, we defend anAutonomy Only view. We argue that the welfare condition is either otiose on the most plausible account of the autonomy condition or else is implausibly restrictive, particularly once we account for the broad range of reasons patients cite for desiring PAD, such as “tired of life” cases. Moreover, many of the common objections to an autonomy only view fail once we understand the extent of the autonomy condition’s requirements—in particular, the importance of one’s values for autonomous choices. If our view is correct, then the scope of permissible PA D is broader than is ...
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Ethical Reasoning and Moral Distress in Social Care Among Long-Term Care Staff

Tue, 2020-04-14 22:00
This study reports on the ethical reasoning process and experiences of moral distress of long-term care staff in the provision of social care. Seven interdisciplinary focus groups were conducted with twenty front-line staff. Staff typically did not have difficulty determining the ethical decision and/or action; however, they frequently experience moral distress. To manage these experiences of moral distress in making ethical decisions, staff 1) comply with being told what to do out of fear of consequences, 2) defer decisions to family, 3) “have a meeting,” 4) socialization into and acceptance of workplace culture. Findings suggest that to better understand how and why staff make ethical decisions and improve quality and ethical care, we must explore the interaction between front-line p...
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