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Giving Useful but Not Well-Understood Ideas Their Due

Mon, 2019-11-11 00:00
AbstractIn this paper, I introduce the ideas to be discussed in the articles of this journal with reference to an imaginary case involving a pregnant woman declared dead on the basis of neurological criteria. I highlight the fact that although these ideas have proved useful for advancing certain claims in bioethical debates, their implications are not always well understood and may complicate our arguments. The ideas to be discussed are (1) an ethic internal to the profession of medicine; (2) the difference between killing and letting die; (3) the organism as a whole; and (4) the “lives” and interests of the dead.
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Primum Non Nocere Mortuis: Bioethics and the Lives of the Dead

Sat, 2019-10-19 01:00
advanced directivesend-of-life decisionsharming the deadposthumous reproductiontransplant ethics
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