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Updated: 26 min 59 sec ago

Black marketeers cash in on the coronavirus crisis

6 hours 12 min ago
Unseasonably warm weather, Champions League football and other major events, homes on the beach and the café culture: just a few of the factors that may have helped carry an insidious virus across southern Europe -- from country to country and city to city, from Italy to Spain and Portugal.
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Europe's clocks go forward this weekend: Here's what you need to know

7 hours 33 min ago
The clocks across Europe go forward on Sunday, March 29 as the continent moves to daylight saving time.
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Italy's coronavirus death toll inches towards 10,000. Many are asking why the fatality rate is so high

7 hours 44 min ago
When Milan resident Antonia Mortensen was pulled over by police while driving recently, it wasn't for a traffic offense. It was to instruct her fellow passenger to sit in the back of the car and to check that both were wearing face masks.
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Italian soccer team delivers care packages to elderly fans during lockdown

8 hours 51 min ago
The current coronavirus pandemic has plunged much of the world into unprecedented and uncertain times.
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Experts are warning coronavirus puts the integrity of the 2020 election at risk

10 hours 59 min ago
As states scramble to delay their spring primaries, election professionals and voting experts are anxiously looking ahead to November and warning that the coronavirus pandemic is already threatening the safety and integrity of the next presidential election.
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Air pollution drops as Europeans stay at home

11 hours 27 min ago
Most Europeans are currently living under severe restrictions, stuck at home, desperately hoping for the coronavirus pandemic to pass soon.
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The wealthy forge ahead with (slightly altered) travel plans in spite of 'stay at home' directives

11 hours 42 min ago
While many hotels around the world are shuttering, a growing number are transitioning into medical facilities or making themselves available as temporary housing for nurses and doctors on the front lines of the coronavirus.
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Spain is battling the black marketeers and price gougers of the coronavirus crisis

14 hours 25 min ago
Ernesto Ruiz Lopez, a pharmacist in Madrid, says he's never seen anything like this. He can't get protective masks, gloves or hand sanitizer from his regular suppliers, because they won't pay the sky-high prices, increasing at every stage of the chain, to obtain them. And he's wary of the intermediary sellers he calls "absolute pirates" trying to profit from shortages during the global coronavirus pandemic.
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Athletes scrub their hands down to the muscle and tissue

14 hours 28 min ago
Postponing Tokyo 2020 will have provided a sense of relief to many Olympians but the delay in the decision will have unnecessarily perpetuated the anxiety levels of athletes, many of whom suffer from clinical Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), according to a leading sports psychiatrist.
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70 million people in the US are under a severe weather threat that includes tornadoes and hail

15 hours 26 min ago
Severe storms, including possible tornadoes and hail, are expected to affect wide portions of the United States on Saturday.
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For a brief period tonight, some parts of the world will go dark. It's Earth Hour

17 hours 11 min ago
Don't be surprised if you find your neighbors turning off their lights for a full hour Saturday night. They're taking part in a global movement called Earth Hour.
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Joseph Lowery, civil rights leader, dies at 98

18 hours 56 min ago
The Rev. Joseph Lowery, a leader in America's civil rights movement, died Friday. He was 98.
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The US hits a grim new record as Trump continues to preach optimism

19 hours 46 min ago
The US is now the world leader in coronavirus infections, with more than 100,000 as of Friday. That includes more than 25,000 in New York City, where hospitals are already overwhelmed.
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In the race to secure medical supplies, countries ban or restrict exports

22 hours 22 min ago
The European Union announced on March 15 it was restricting exports of personal protective equipment, including face shields, surgical masks and gowns. India banned the export of ventilators and sanitizers on March 24. On Wednesday, Switzerland began requiring licenses for exports of masks, gloves, goggles and swabs.
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