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Updated: 3 hours 39 min ago

Award-winning actress claims she thought her breast implants were killing her

Fri, 2019-10-25 12:14
Sandra Luesse, who lives in California, wanted to look 'perfect' and decided to go from a B-cup to a triple D in 2016. She had them removed three years later.
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Tourists taking 'gorilla selfies' in African jungle reserves are giving the animals DEADLY diseases 

Fri, 2019-10-25 12:03
Mountain gorillas inhabit forests in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Rwanda and Uganda. They are endangered, numbering at around only 1,000.
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Bubble Nebula glows deep red in stunning photograph taken from a back garden

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:58
Ralph Smyth, from County Antrim in Northern Ireland, took the photograph over two days with six hours of camera exposure. The nebula has a star in the centre of it about 44 times as heavy as our Sun.
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Emotional DIY SOS viewers claim show 'restores faith in Britain' after team help struggling family

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:55
Emotional DIY SOS viewers fought back tears as the team helped transform a derelict forge in Yealmpton, Devon, into a family's dream home with disabled access for their children.
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Two demonstrators die after being hit by tear gas canisters at anti-government protests in Iraq

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:51
Anti-government demonstrations in Baghdad have resumed after a three-week hiatus. Security forces have killed 149 people and wounded more than 3,000 while trying to calm protests.
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Moment lecherous hunstman verbally abuses female saboteur with crude sexual remarks

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:50
The hunt saboteur, who is not identified, was attempting to stop a Worcestershire hunting expedition with hounds when the comments were made.
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Shocking CCTV footage shows brazen burglars trying to break into a London home

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:46
Prolific criminal Jack Jones, 20, and a masked accomplice were filmed trying the lock of the south London property before giving up - apparently unaware a camera was pointed directly at his face.
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Woman draws bold eyebrows on her fair-haired newborn 

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:46
Danielle McSherry-Schee, 27, from Fife, Scotland, created bold new eyebrows for her daughter Isabella as she slept, using make-up powder, and posted the results to Facebook.
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David Furnish pays tribute to his 'beautiful and angelic' mother Gladys as she passes away

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:31
David Furnish has revealed his 'beautiful and angelic' mother Gladys has passed away.   
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Grandmother, 70, in an open coffin was found to be alive shortly before she was due to be cremated

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:30
Phinij Sopajorn had been taken to a local temple in Thailand for a funeral and was kept in a cold coffin for three days. Just as she was about to go into the incinerator her husband saw she was breathing.
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Former soldier says he's '100 per cent straight' despite a lucrative career as a gay porn star

Fri, 2019-10-25 11:05
Daniel McGraffin, from Wigan, who goes by the porn name Geordie Jackson, opened up about his gay porn career in Channel 5's documentary, The Sex Business: Swinging Both Ways
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BBC begins filming Salisbury Novichok drama starring Anne-Marie Duff and Rafe Spall

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:59
The BBC have begun filming at locations across south-west England for a new three-part drama which looks at the 2018 Salisbury novichok poisonings.
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Motorcyclist narrowly escapes being killed by train after trying to race across a level crossing

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:50
A motorcyclist narrowly escaped death after trying to ride across the Shornemead level crossing near Gravesend, Kent, last weekend. Moved towards train driving around 70mph.
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Mysterious battle which 'saved England from Vikings' WAS fought near Liverpool, say archaeologists

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:47
For decades archaeologists have disagreed over the location of the Battle of Brunanburh, 937 AD. But now they believe they have found the true site in Wirral, Merseyside.
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Burglars caught on camera disabling security lights before trashing house

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:42
The crowbar-wielding thugs bludgeoned the floodlight sensors and smashed their way into the Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, property, on Sunday evening.
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Founding Phones4U salesman dies in Turkish jail where he was serving sentence for murdering his wife

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:40
Chris Collier died of sepsis after being diagnosed with pneumonia in a Turkish jail. He battered his transgender wife Julia before smothering her to death in 2010.
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Archaeologists in Croatia use dogs to sniff out 3,000-year-old Iron Age human remains

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:39
Croatian scientists have been using sniffer dogs to uncover ancient tombs dating back nearly 3,000 years, after realising the animals were able to detect ancient human remains.
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Wellbeing influencer, 24, who shared her battle with cancer on Instagram, has died in her sleep

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:39
Jayda McCann, 24, from Ireland was diagnosed with leiomyosarcoma, in March 2018 during her last week of university, three weeks after her father, Anthony, discovered he had prostate cancer.
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Heartwarming moment 13-year-old girl finds out she is getting life-saving drug Orkambi

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:35
Beth Finn, from Staffordshire, yesterday recorded her daughter Isabelle's jubilation at NHS England agreeing a deal for Orkambi after four years of deadlock.
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CNN sports presenter embroiled in furious court row with next-door neighbours over parking space

Fri, 2019-10-25 10:34
Aly Vance, 35, and her media boss husband, Sebastian, are locked in a court battle with their Buckinghamshire neighbours, Christopher and Carol-Ann Collerton, 61.
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