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Updated: 7 min 21 sec ago

Boris Johnson is set to stay in office for years

7 min 47 sec ago
Boris Johnson is celebrating an historic victory tonight - and it seems any skeletons emerging from his capacious closet have failed to deter hardened Tory voters.
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Moment Hugh Grant saw exit poll announcing a huge Tory majority

10 min 48 sec ago
The politically outspoken actor has been canvassing with Labour and Lib Dem candidates during the campaign and urged his fans to vote tactically to deny the Conservatives in marginal seats.
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Timelapse shows how Earth would look if the oceans drained

14 min 9 sec ago
Nearly 70% of the Earth is covered with oceans, but an animation reveals what our planet would look like if they all disappeared -with most land becoming visible at a decrease in sea level of 459 feet.
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White House says U.S. is on verge of breakthrough trade deal with China

23 min 3 sec ago
U.S. trade representatives have reached a tentative trade deal with China in time to stave off a new round of tariffs due to go into affect on Sunday and are just awaiting President Donald Trump to sign off
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TOM LEONARD explores why the critics' claws are out for Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic musical Cats 

25 min 52 sec ago
TOM LEONARD: Cats director Tom Hooper spent over a year working on how to make the actors feel feline. Insiders insist critics don't understand the camp spirit and dismiss film's 'white washing'.
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Teenager is shot in North London chicken shop sparking huge manhunt for the gunman 

26 min 30 sec ago
Police raced to a fast-food restaurant near Turnpike Lane station at around 8.30pm following reports of a shooting. A teenager has now been taken to hospital for treatment.
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Boy who was burned during nativity was wearing a SHEEP costume

27 min 50 sec ago
Students from St Thomas Becket Catholic Primary School had been performing their nativity in the Addiscombe Catholic Church in Croydon, south London, on Wednesday when a boy caught fire.
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HENRY DEEDES watches the party leaders placing their votes 

28 min 18 sec ago
HENRY DEEDES: People complain we haven't seen enough of Diane Abbott during this General Election campaign...
Categories: Media

Louanne Ward: A single's guide to festive dating

28 min 57 sec ago
To help Australians find balance this festive season dating and relationship coach Louanne Ward, from Perth, has revealed her key 'dos and don'ts' for the Christmas and New Year period.
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SIMON WALTERS: Election came down to just one thing - Brexit

32 min 30 sec ago
SIMON WALTERS writes that this election has been all about Brexit, despite Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn attempting to switch the focus to the NHS and claiming Boris Johnson would flog it.
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RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: I'm going on my Christmas walk... I may be some time

33 min 24 sec ago
RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: I suppose you could sit at the table peddling a Peleton while you eat. But can you imagine a typical family Christmas dinner if everyone actually followed this advice?
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Eurocrats who are lecturing the world on green issues have spent £1.2million in a year

41 min 17 sec ago
Eurocrats were accused of 'sheer hypocrisy' last night after spending more than £1.2million on private jets and limousines in a year.
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TOM UTLEY: The local pub is back - which is where I'll recover today

43 min 41 sec ago
TOM UTLEY: Pubs and bars are witnessing a revival with 345 new watering holes in England - with 85 in the North East and 80 in the West Midlands, according to ONS figures.
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Lost cat is reunited with its owner after spending TWO YEARS scavenging in a scrapyard

46 min 7 sec ago
Cathy Scott, 27, lost Little Jess around a month after moving house from Swanland to Hessle, Yorkshire in 2017. After two years she has finally been reunited after her cat was found in a scrapyard.
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Tasnim, 20, always knew her father was a murderer, and bravely went to visit him in jail

47 min 40 sec ago
Tasnim Lowe, 20, lost her mother Lucy when her father started a house fire at their home in Telford, Shropshire. And now, 19 years later, Azhar Ali Mehmood is eligible for release.
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Jeremy Corbyn and Labour on course for party's worst election result ever

1 hour 7 min ago
Jeremy Corbyn is on course to lead Labour to its worst ever set of general election results as an ashen-faced John McDonnell said the exit poll numbers were 'extremely disappointing'.
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SNP increases its dominance over Scotland, according to election exit poll

1 hour 8 min ago
SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon was seen earlier today arriving to cast her vote in the general election at Broomhouse Park Community Hall in Glasgow.
Categories: Media

Exit poll shows Boris Johnson on track to WIN crucial election

1 hour 10 min ago
The bombshell election poll numbers come after a month of brutal political struggle, as Jeremy Corbyn tried to sell his hard-Left agenda to the UK public.
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What happens to Brexit now? Jubilant Brexiteers celebrate as exit poll confirms huge Tory majority

1 hour 11 min ago
Brexit has dominated this year's election with the phrase 'Let's get Brexit Done' becoming Boris Johnson's mantra and the exit poll confirms the Tory's are set for a large majority.
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Harvey Weinstein undergoes three-hour surgery on his back in a New York hospital

1 hour 12 min ago
Harvey Weinstein, who is due to stand trial in New York for sexual assault, appeared in court with a walker on Wednesday (left) after a frail outing last week (right) prompted questions over his health.
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