My husband became a woman. Here's why I didn't leave

Daily Mail - 18 min 8 sec ago
Five years ago, 72-year-old Barbara Hamlin's husband John had gender reassignment surgery to become Jane, now 71.
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The Apprentice: Jemelin Artigas slept on the Tube during snowstorms after break-up left her HOMELESS

Daily Mail - 19 min 18 sec ago
Feisty entrepreneur Jemelin Artigas has fallen sway to Lord Sugar's firing finger in the seventh episode of The Apprentice.
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HENRY DEEDES on the Prime Minister's first big speech of the campaign

Daily Mail - 19 min 52 sec ago
HENRY DEEDES: Even Boris Johnson's most fervent supporters would struggle to claim his walk screams 'world leader'. Most statesmen stride with a certain purpose ... with Boris, it's more of a plod.
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STEPHEN GLOVER: the real threat to Farage's legacy is... himself 

Daily Mail - 23 min 49 sec ago
STEPHEN GLOVER: Many observers see a proud man who refuses to climb down, especially only days after agreeing not to fight the 317 seats the Tories won in the 2017 General Election.
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General election 2019: Labour pledges to close gender pay gap by 2030

BBC News - 23 min 59 sec ago
Labour vows to close the gap between the average hourly pay for men and women but Tories are critical.
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Lost Sandro Botticelli painting is rediscovered in Wales as experts end rumours it's a FAKE

Daily Mail - 25 min 44 sec ago
Sandro Botticelli's 400-year-old painting of the Madonna was thought to be a crude copy but experts have now found it to be the original. It will be displayed at the National Museum in Cardiff.
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Marooned at Fen Farm: ROBERT HARDMAN meets the unflappable owners

Daily Mail - 32 min 27 sec ago
ROBERT HARDMAN, pictured with farmer Joe Ward, visits Fen Farm in Lincolnshire, which has become one of the most famous homes in Britain, having been marooned in floods.
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All the global emissions gains made by electric cars have been wiped out by booming SUV sales

Daily Mail - 32 min 28 sec ago
According to a new study from the IEA, the decreases in global emissions caused by electric vehicles has been effectively canceled by gas guzzling sport utility vehicles.
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SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: William and Harry's cousin Flora Ogilvy to marry Timothy Vesterberg 

Daily Mail - 33 min 4 sec ago
SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: The granddaughter of Princess Alexandra is to wed Timothy Vesterberg, 26, who was a professional ice hockey player in his native Sweden.
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Northern Ireland property wins Grand Designs house of the year 

Daily Mail - 33 min 4 sec ago
The home which took the title, House Lessans in Saintfield, is a one-level property which boasts huge ceiling heights inside, and was built to compliment the functional barn it sits next to.
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The Crown star Olivia Colman slams press treatment of Meghan and Harry as 'evil' and 'mean'

Daily Mail - 34 min 2 sec ago
Olivia Colman, 45, said the press are 'mean' to Meghan, 38, and Harry, 35, when asked if her new role in The Crown has given her a greater understanding of the British royal family.
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Prince Charles backs Mail campaign for a greener Britain 

Daily Mail - 35 min ago
Prince Charles said there is a 'major opportunity' to help lock up the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide and prevent global warming. But warned we must not plant vast acres of single species.
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New Jersey man, 81, has a cancerous tumor the size of a soccer ball removed from his neck

Daily Mail - 37 min 10 sec ago
Milton Wingert, 81, from Journal Square, New Jersey, had a cancerous tumor removed from his neck after it grew from the size of a ping pong ball to the size of a soccer ball within six months.
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Jeremy Corbyn's four fiascos

Daily Mail - 37 min 30 sec ago
Arriving in Glasgow, Mr Corbyn was heckled and labelled a 'terrorist sympathiser' by a Church of Scotland minister over his past associations with supporters of the groups Hamas and Hezbollah.
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Yes they cost £28 a pair, but... Are these ladder-free tights the holy grail of hosiery?

Daily Mail - 38 min 42 sec ago
Clare Foges saw a ladder in her tights just before she was due to receive an OBE. Since then she had sworn off tights until discovering London-based Hedoine, which promises 'indestructible' pairs.
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DIY SOS viewers brought to tears after emotional Children in Need Special

Daily Mail - 38 min 57 sec ago
DIY SOS viewers were reduced to tears after the team converted a rundown church hall into 'stunning' accommodation for homeless young people in an emotional Children in Need Special in Blackburn
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Ola trials 'Guardian' to keep watch over Perth passengers

Sydney Morning Herald - 39 min 45 sec ago
Indian rideshare startup Ola has launched a high-tech safety feature trial in Perth, which helps protect passengers by automatically detecting unusual vehicle activity.
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BHP appoints Mike Henry as next CEO, Andrew Mackenzie to retire at end of year

Sydney Morning Herald - 40 min 13 sec ago
BHP has announced that chief executive Andrew Mackenzie will retire at the end of the year, with Mike Henry to succeed him.
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Remote working: Is it as good as we think?

Sydney Morning Herald - 40 min 25 sec ago
How to get it right for you
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Ford v Ferrari true story legendary feud over bad business deal that led Ford's 1966 win at Le Mans

Daily Mail - 41 min 58 sec ago
New film, Ford v Ferrari released on November 15 tells the David and Goliath story of how Henry Ford II defeated the reigning champion, Enzo Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans race in north-west France.
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