Sugar has its tobacco moment as voters call for new tax

Sydney Morning Herald - 15 min 41 sec ago
When the tobacco question was asked two years ago a massive 70 per cent of Coalition voters wanted higher taxes on it along with 67 per cent of Labor voters. What has sugar done to get lumped in with perhaps the most despised legal substance on the planet? Nothing it hasn't been doing for decades. It is just that it is doing more of it and we are learning more about what it is.
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WBBL: Sydney Thunder sign England World Cup winner Fran Wilson

Sydney Morning Herald - 16 min 58 sec ago
Fran Wilson has joined the Sydney Thunder as a replacement player for Indian superstar Harmanpreet Kaur.
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Why Polish women are rallying for reproductive rights

Al Jazeera - 20 min 35 sec ago
Latest rallies comes after parliament, including some opposition politicians, rejected bill to liberalise abortion.
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Monitor says 450 Yemeni civilians killed in December

Al Jazeera - 20 min 47 sec ago
Geneva-based human rights body records 450 civilian deaths, majority of them killed by Saudi-led coalition strikes.
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Carlton recruit Matthew Kennedy aims for round-one selection against Richmond

Sydney Morning Herald - 20 min 54 sec ago
On a burning hot day when the Blues were put through their paces, the lure of a round-one debut helped recruit Matthew Kennedy get through another demanding session.
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'They wouldn't build it in Toorak': Toxic waste plant upsets residents

Sydney Morning Herald - 22 min 58 sec ago
A toxic waste plant, located just 950 metres from homes in Melbourne's south-west homes, is expected to start operating as early as March.
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World Cup makes New Zealand Kiwis' Canberra Raiders better

Sydney Morning Herald - 23 min 48 sec ago
It wasn't the World Cup campaign New Zealand wanted, but two Kiwis think it will help their games go to another level.
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Woman tells court she was bashed in her home by a policeman in 1996

Sydney Morning Herald - 25 min 1 sec ago
Corinna Horvath has told a court of the 1996 night she was allegedly assaulted by policeman David Jenkin during a raid on her home.
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Some people collect parking fines, this man collects parking meters

Sydney Morning Herald - 26 min 30 sec ago
If you turn up to the Gladstone Park retiree's house, there's a good chance he'll ask you to feed the meter.
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Dr. Demento, comedy song hero & unsung punk rock legend, given due on new album

Sydney Morning Herald - 28 min 45 sec ago
Artists ranging from William Shatner to "Weird Al" Yankovic have recordings on this double album.
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Australian Open 2018: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga's comeback five-set win against Denis Shapovalov

Sydney Morning Herald - 33 min 54 sec ago
Tour veteran and 2008 Australian Open finalist Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has won a gripping five-set encounter against emerging Canadian Denis Shapovalov on Margaret Court Arena.
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Hong Kong activist Joshua Wong jailed again

CNN - 34 min 9 sec ago
Hong Kong's most famous pro-democracy activist is heading back to prison.
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'I just felt ripped off' - consumer rage at junk insurance

Sydney Morning Herald - 38 min 36 sec ago
Buying a car is an emotional time and customers report feeling pressured to buy something they didn't need.
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A-League: Sydney FC's Seb Ryall leaves club, will take time out from game

Sydney Morning Herald - 40 min 36 sec ago
Long-time Sydney FC defender Seb Ryall has left the A-League club with immediate effect.
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Defeated Australian wildcard Olivia Rogowska vows to bounce back

Sydney Morning Herald - 40 min 43 sec ago
Olivia Rogowska says that she will use the disappointment of her loss to 15-year-old Marta Kostyuk to motivate her in 2018
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Australian Open 2018: Caroline Wozniacki comes from the clouds to beat Croatian Jana Fett

Sydney Morning Herald - 40 min 47 sec ago
World No.2 Caroline Wozniacki has pulled off a stunning comeback to keep her Australian Open campaign alive, storming home to defeat little-known Croatian Jana Fett.
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John Barrowman review: Man of many talents dazzles in first Australian show

Sydney Morning Herald - 45 min 51 sec ago
From his roles as Dr Who's Captain Jack and Marvel's Malcolm Merlyn to his musical theatre career and beyond, Barrowman has wide appeal.
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Never forget Canberra's baptism by fire

Sydney Morning Herald - 52 min 25 sec ago
While it is never possible to be totally ready for a catastrophe of the magnitude endured by the ACT 15 years ago we can only hope this city is now significantly more fire ready than it was on that day.
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Truth about NBN is that Australians do not want to pay for internet speed they do not need

Sydney Morning Herald - 53 min 2 sec ago
Arguments that Australians are being "left behind" unless they have access to 100Mbps do not gel with what most Australians are using their internet connection for. For a family watching high-definition Netflix on one or two TVs while the kids are online at the same time, 25Mbps appears to offer the right amount of bandwidth at an affordable price point.
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Despite 'America First' campaign rhetoric, Trump is expanding the US military footprint worldwide

CNN - 55 min 51 sec ago
At one rally after the next, candidate Donald Trump lamented the "trillions of dollars spent and thousands of lives lost" in the Middle East, criticized his opponent as a warmonger and signaled he would scale back US military commitments abroad.
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