'I told PM it hurts to see doctors being beaten'

Times of India - 0 sec ago
Hima, who was the first Indian woman to win a gold at the IAAF worlds (under-20), said all the sportspersons part of the video conference with PM Modi on Friday, spoke about what they are doing in order to spread awareness during the lockdown.
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Man electrocuted in alleged wire theft attempt

Sydney Morning Herald - 17 min 51 sec ago
Police were called to the Peterkin Street site in Acacia Ridge about 5am after reports of an electrocution.
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Girl, 8, temporarily separated from parents so they can continue working as NHS nurses

Daily Mail - 19 min 37 sec ago
Millie Cadman, eight, from Darlington, appeared on Good Morning Britain where she read a poem to her NHS nurse mothers Jodie and Nikita, who she is temporarily separated from.
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Germans will be fined £440 for STANDING too close to each other under strict new coronavirus rules

Daily Mail - 22 min 28 sec ago
Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has ordered people not leave their homes unless they have an exceptional reason. A distance of at least five feet must be kept from others at all times.
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Locked down Brits flood social media with hilarious memes about their quarantine Easter break

Daily Mail - 23 min 19 sec ago
With the Easter break fast approaching, locked down Brits have retained their trademark humour by making light of what is a very bleak situation.
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Coronavirus: Nurse Areema Nasreen dies with Covid-19

BBC News - 23 min 33 sec ago
The reportedly previously healthy mother-of-three died at Walsall Manor Hospital where she worked.
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Brit who flew to Australia to propose to his girlfriend reveals they are now both stranded there

Daily Mail - 23 min 49 sec ago
Keelan Charlton, 28, from Somerset, spent months planning his romantic proposal to Elley Bugler, 24, but she told FEMAIL they are now stuck in Australia too scared to book flights home.
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NYC funeral homes are becoming 'overwhelmed' with virus dead

Daily Mail - 24 min 6 sec ago
A domino effect has overwhelmed the system for handling bodies with hospital morgues overflowing, funeral homes unable to keep up and cemeteries operating less due to lockdown.
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Judge Rinder reveals his beloved grandfather has died of coronavirus aged 92

Daily Mail - 26 min 9 sec ago
The star announced the sad news during Friday's This Morning, as he urged viewers to try and remain optimistic in the nationwide lockdown.
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Meghan Markle's best friend Misha Nonoo opens up about motherhood

Daily Mail - 28 min 16 sec ago
Meghan Markle's best friend Misha Nonoo, 33, from New York, has revealed to People how her 'supportive' loved-ones are helping her 'adjust to her new role as a "Working Mother".
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RIBA president steps back over mystery 'serious incident' reported to the Charity Commission

Daily Mail - 30 min 10 sec ago
Details of the incident involving Alan Jones have not been disclosed but the Northern Irish architect wrote to the RIBA Council on Thursday to say 'a matter had arisen' in his personal life.
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NSW Health allowed cruise ship passengers to disembark despite test results pending

Sydney Morning Herald - 32 min 16 sec ago
Leaked emails between NSW Health and the ship's senior doctor show arrangements had been made for 15 samples taken from sick passengers to be tested for COVID-19.
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Europe's homeless go hungry as hundreds of shelters close

Al Jazeera - 33 min 25 sec ago
Across Europe, aid workers are urging authorities to show leniency to homeless people for breaking curfews.
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Drastic new rules nurses have to follow after thugs continue to hurl sickening abuse at them

Daily Mail - 34 min 1 sec ago
Brave nurses battling on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic are being 'egged' and abused on the streets, with some being accused of 'spreading' COVID-19.
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One hundred hospital staff at The Alfred sent home for isolation

Sydney Morning Herald - 35 min 54 sec ago
About 100 staff at The Alfred have been sent home for isolation after an outbreak killed three cancer patients.
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Sky is DOWN with hundreds of broadband customers working from home

Daily Mail - 36 min 13 sec ago
Sky customer across the UK have reported being unable to access the internet as millions of people are working from home due to the coronavirus lockdown.
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'Sell one of your yachts!': Outrage as billionaire Sir Philip Green asks for taxpayer help

Daily Mail - 36 min 39 sec ago
Furious Twitter users called on the British retail mogul to sell one of his three yachts, which includes the £122million Lionheart, or use some of his estimated £1.8billion fortune.
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Is Uzbekistan using coronavirus to curtail civil liberties?

Al Jazeera - 37 min 14 sec ago
While some critics fear measures aimed at stemming panic are overzealous, others praise government for managing crisis.
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Singapore to close schools, most workplaces in stricter measures against COVID-19

Sydney Morning Herald - 37 min 15 sec ago
While the city has won international praise for its efforts to stem the spread of the virus, its infections have been rising sharply in recent weeks, to 1114 on Friday, and five people have died.
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Amazing pictures from British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper's new book - Unintended Beauty

Daily Mail - 37 min 43 sec ago
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And for some that principle may seem particularly apt for British photographer Alastair Philip Wiper's new book - Unintended Beauty. .
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