"Czech Donald Trump" Wins Landslide Victory

Gatestone Institute - 1 hour 43 min ago
The election outcome, the result of popular discontent with established parties, is the latest in a recent wave of successes for European populists, including in Austria and Germany. The populist ascendancy highlights a shifting political landscape in
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The Case for Assyrian Independence

Gatestone Institute - 2 hours 13 min ago
It is a solution to the refugee problem after centuries of persecution. Not only could Assyrian Christian refugees stay where they were, but as Jews did in Israel, they could come "home". In the rush to condemn the liberation of Iraq as a mistake, we
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The Iran Deal: The Dog's Dinner Obama Dished Out

Gatestone Institute - 2 hours 43 min ago
"Trump violates international treaty!" "Trump tears up pact signed by world powers!" These were some of the headlines that pretended to report US President Donald Trump's move on the "Iran nuclear deal" last week. Some in the Western media even claimed
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Blazing Australia

Bioedge - Sat, 2017-10-21 12:20
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Does Asia have a distinctive bioethics?

Bioedge - Sat, 2017-10-21 11:34
Families are much more important
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After 15 years, will the Dutch finally prosecute a euthanasia doctor?

Bioedge - Sat, 2017-10-21 11:26
An elderly woman with dementia was given a lethal injection Read more...
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Iran’s legal market in kidneys creates a black market, too

Bioedge - Sat, 2017-10-21 11:17
The desperate and indebted are ready to sell their organs Read more...
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Burial rights do not extend beyond death

Bioedge - Sat, 2017-10-21 11:01
The wishes of England's sadistic killer Ian Brady are not being respected Read more...
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Germany: Full Censorship Now Official

Gatestone Institute - Sat, 2017-10-21 11:00
Germany has made no secret of its desire to see its new law copied by the rest of the EU. When employees of social media companies are appointed as the state's private thought police and given the power to shape the form of current political and cultural
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Second Interim Report on MAiD in Canada Released

Alex Schadenberg - Fri, 2017-10-20 21:08
This text is from the webcast that was broadcast today by Toujours Vivant - Not Dead Yet

On October 6, Health Canada’s second interim report on medical assistance in dying was published. It adds statistics from January to June 2017 to the earlier report, which covered the period from June to December 2016.

The data indicates that 1,179 people died between January and June 2017, bringing the total deaths in Canada to 2,149 since the Québec program launched in December, 2015. All but five of those died by euthanasia. The January to June numbers represent 0.9% of deaths across Canada. This is more than the most recent percentages available for Oregon (0.37%) but less than the numbers for Belgium (1.83%) and the Netherlands (3.75%). The number of deaths increased by 46.8% compared to June to December 2016; 803 people died during that period.
We know that the average age of people who died by euthanasia is 73 years. Cancer was the most frequently cited underlying health issue, followed by neurodegenerative conditions. Over 80% of the deaths took place in hospitals or homes. The number of women versus men is about the same; there were slightly more women last year, and more men this year.
The more important information is what’s missing – and once again, quite a bit has been left out. There is no data for the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, due to the territories’ small population. Neither Ontario nor British Columbia, the two provinces with the largest number of AS/E deaths, reported how many requests for assisted suicide were received, and how many were refused. As well, Health Canada did not include information about people who received court permission for euthanasia before the law came into force in June 2016.

There is no information about the living situation or other circumstances of the people who are killed (only the location where euthanasia took place). Did people have the pain relief and supports they needed to live well at home? Was anyone pressured to die? Were all safeguards followed? We have no way to know.

More information is supposed to be available once a monitoring system is put in place. Future reports under this system should include:
  • a broader set of data 
  • a statistical overview of all requests and their outcomes  
  • medical and demographic information;
  • information about whether eligibility criteria and safeguards were followed.
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France: The New Collaborators

Gatestone Institute - Fri, 2017-10-20 11:00
"They are those who believe that Islam is a religion of peace, tolerance and love and do not want to hear about an Islam of war, intolerance and hatred". — Michel Onfray, Le Figaro. Le Figaro just devoted an entire issue to Muslim women in France who are
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Commemoration or Celebration? 50 years of Abortion in numbers and pictures

Christian Medical Fellowship - Thu, 2017-10-19 16:26

The Abortion Act reaches its 50th Anniversary on Friday 27 October 2017. In these last fifty years nearly 9 million unborn babies have been aborted in England, Scotland and Wales.

That figure has, of course, also impacted the lives of 9 million women, some of whom are celebrating this anniversary of the Act but many of whom will instead remember and regret their abortion(s) and the harm each one brings to both mother and child.

While I strongly believe there are two victims for every abortion, for now I deliberately focus on the unborn victims, not the women, and the almost incomprehensible scale of destruction of innocent lives.

9 million lives lost is a truly staggering figure.

Incredibly, that number of lives lost is higher than the combined populations of Scotland and Wales (see also here).

Let’s break the figures down a bit more.

On current abortion rates, every year we lose more lives than could fill three London Olympic Stadiums (approximately 200,000 per year).

Every month we lose the equivalent of 11 Titanics (over 16,000 per month, since 1992).

We lose many more than the number of people who died in the 9/11 attacks every week in England, Wales and Scotland (3840 per week).

And every day the number of unborn babies who are aborted would completely fill an Airbus A380 (approximately 550 per day).

These are illustrations of the numbers of lives lost.  Imagine the difference in England and Wales if those were all alive today?  Which brings me to Northern Ireland where, in a poignant and striking contrast, there are an estimated 100,000 people who are alive today because they do not have the 1967 Abortion Act, but have a different law.

In other words, one in ten people under fifty in Northern Ireland are alive because of the more restrictive law on abortion there.

This number could fill their national football stadium five times over. Each one a precious, valuable human being who is alive today but would have never have had the chance of life in the rest of the UK.

An anniversary is a time for stopping to remember something very special or something very sad. It is either a celebration, such as of a marriage or a special birthday, or it is a time to commemorate a tragic event, such as a death.

I for one know which this 50th anniversary will signify: 9 million innocent lives lost. For me it is a time for commemoration of 9 million unborn children who have silently disappeared.

Please take a minute or two to stop and remember, by watching this short video we have put together at CMF to mark the Anniversary.

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Why Are So Many Claiming That Iran Is Complying with the Deal, When Evidence Shows They Aren't?

Gatestone Institute - Thu, 2017-10-19 15:30
The evidence is mounting that Iran is not only violating the spirit of the no-nukes deal, but that it is also violating its letter. The prologue to the deal explicitly states: "Iran reaffirms that under no circumstances will Iran ever seek, develop or
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Germans Debate Muslim Public Holidays

Gatestone Institute - Thu, 2017-10-19 11:00
"Germany's Christian heritage is not negotiable. The introduction of Muslim holidays is out of the question for us." — Alexander Dobrindt, a senior member of the CSU party. "We have a Judeo-Christian religious character, not an Islamic one. Therefore, I
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The New Big Palestinian Lie

Gatestone Institute - Thu, 2017-10-19 10:00
It is precisely the inflammatory speech of Abbas and his senior officials, expressed at every possible podium, which has been trying to turn the conflict into a religious one. If any side has turned the conflict into a religious one, it is the
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Ontario family is asking for more time to prove that their daughter is alive.

Alex Schadenberg - Wed, 2017-10-18 16:56
Taquisha McKitty's parentsAlex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition
Taquisha McKitty (27) of Brampton Ontario was declared brain dead on September 20 after having a cardiac arrest on September 14 related to a drug overdose. Her parents immediately sought a court injunction to prevent the William Osler Health System in Brampton from removing her life-support.
On September 28 Ontario Superior Court Justice Lucille Shaw granted an injunction in order to allow Taquisha to be evaluated by another doctor.

Hugh ScherOn October 17, Hugh Scher, the lawyer for Taquisha's family, asked the court for more time for medical tests to prove that Taquisha is alive. Paola Loriggio, reporting for The Canadian Press wrote:Scher says McKitty's family believes she is still showing signs of life. The family wants the death certificate revoked and obtained a temporary injunction from the court late last month to keep her on the respirator while its legal challenge continues. Court heard Tuesday that a series of tests has been conducted but McKitty's family is asking for at least one more to be performed, which would require the court to extend the injunction. The test would involve filming McKitty for 72 hours to capture her movements and better assess whether they represent a sign of consciousness or simply a reflex, Scher said.Lawyers for the doctors are trying to dismiss Dr Paul Byrne, an American expert physician, who contends that McKitty is alive. Paola Loriggio wrote:Lawyers for McKitty's doctor are taking issue with the family's expert witness, an American doctor who told the court Tuesday he does not believe lack of brain function is enough to declare someone dead.Hugh Scher is a successful Toronto lawyer who has helped several patients and families experiencing difficult healthcare decisions.
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Europe's New Official History Erases Christianity, Promotes Islam

Gatestone Institute - Wed, 2017-10-18 11:00
"The patrons of the false Europe are bewitched by superstitions of inevitable progress. They believe that History is on their side, and this faith makes them haughty and disdainful, unable to acknowledge the defects in the post-national, post-cultural
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Win-Win: How Tax Reform Will Help Defense Spending

Gatestone Institute - Wed, 2017-10-18 10:00
While America's adversaries have been increasing their defense budgets and the power of their armed forces, the United States has been doing the opposite. Although the Senate and House Armed Services Committees passed a bill for 2018 that would exceed
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Lessons from Canada. Don't legalize assisted suicide.

Alex Schadenberg - Wed, 2017-10-18 05:30
This article was published by HOPE Australia on October 18.

Candice LewisCandice Lewis is a 25 year old Canadian woman who happens to have cerebral palsy.

In September 2016 Candice went to the emergency room at Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony after having seizures.

Dr. Aaron Heroux told her she was very sick and likely to die soon. He offered her assisted suicide.

The doctor also proposed assisted suicide for Candice to her mother Sheila Elson.
This offer was repeated despite both Candice and her mother making it clear that this was not an option Candice would consider. Dr Heroux told Sheila she was being selfish by not encouraging her daughter to choose assisted suicide.

Candice describes how bad it made her feel that a doctor was offering her assisted suicide.

More than twelve months later Candice has recovered well and her health is much improved.

Candice hasn’t been having any seizures, is now able to feed herself, walk with assistance, use her iPad. She is more alert, energetic and communicative.

She was able to walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid at her sister’s wedding in August 2017. She is doing what she loves most, painting and being with her family.

Candice and her mother Sheila have been interviewed by Kevin Dunn, who is producing a film on euthanasia and assisted suicide called Fatal Flaws. The interview can be viewed here.

There are several take home lessons from Candice’s experience:
  • Doctors can get the prognosis wrong. Candice was told she was dying but is flourishing twelve months later. A wrong prognosis can lead to assisted suicide or euthanasia. A life can be thrown away needlessly;
  • People with a disability already suffer discrimination in health care. When assisted suicide and euthanasia are legal, people with a disability are more at risk of being offered death as a solution because doctors and others consider that they would be better off dead;
  • Once doctors are authorised by the law to provide assisted suicide and euthanasia some of them will feel empowered to offer it to anyone they think would be better off dead. This undermines patients’ trust in doctors and can cause great distress.
Legalising assisted suicide and euthanasia puts people at risk of being wrongfully killed due to errors in prognosis or discrimination. It subverts the nature of the medical profession and destroys trust in doctors.
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BC Court opens door to hearing new evidence on 'MAiD' in Canada

Alex Schadenberg - Tue, 2017-10-17 22:01
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

Only days after Canada legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide under the term "MAiD" the BC Civil Liberties Association launched the first court case to expand Canada's euthanasia law.
The Lamb case concerns the fact that Canada's MAiD legislation attempted to limit euthanasia to people with terminal conditions. The legislation states that a person qualifies for lethal injection when they have a "grievous and irremediable medical condition" and that their "natural death must be reasonably forseeable." (Section 241.2(2)d)
In the Lamb case, the BC Civil Liberties Association is attempting to strike down the requirement that a person's "natural death must be reasonably forseeable."
Because the Supreme Court of Canada Carter decision did not indicate that a person who qualifies for euthanasia should be terminally ill, therefore Canada's federal government is expected to prove that the terminal illness definition is a reasonable limit.By Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson of the British Columbia Supreme Court enabling the government to introduce new evidence to establish their position, the government, and intervenors, in a limited manner, can attempt to overcome some of problems with the Carter decision.
CTV news reported that Justice Hinkson stated:
The federal government's legislation, which came into effect last year, needs to be assessed on "relevant, current evidence,"  Barring the courts from considering the most up-to-date information would prevent a judge from being able to decide what evidence is important and how much weight it should be given.It is concerning that a June 2017 Ontario Court decision defined "natural death must be reasonably forseeable" as not needing to be imminent or within a specific time frame or be the result of a terminal condition.
The Council of Canadians with Disabilities says the conversation around end-of-life practices ignores the point of view of disability rights advocates.
The organization created a campaign against euthanasia, Toujours Vivant-Not Dead Yet.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition will ask the court for intervention standing in this case.
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