Germany: Asylum for Cash Scandal

Gatestone Institute - 9 hours 41 min ago
Germany's Federal Office for Refugees and Migration (BAMF) will review more than 25,000 asylum decisions after allegations of corruption at its regional office in the northern city of Bremen. Some of those granted asylum were considered by German
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Hitler and Reza Shah: Mullahs and Pro-Israel Writers Sing Together

Gatestone Institute - 10 hours 41 min ago
That political life is full of surprises may be an old adage. However, there are times when something so unexpected happens that one has to look beyond surprise to understand it. One such event concerns the new campaign to portray Iran as an anti-Semite
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Pro-Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Shaft Palestinians

Gatestone Institute - Mon, 2018-05-21 11:00
In each case, Palestinian Arabs living in PA-controlled areas were suspected of collaborating with Israel -- a "crime" that can include anything from warning authorities of impending acts of terrorism to selling land to Jews. All told, 13 of 15 "human
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Iran, North Korea, and the U.S.

Gatestone Institute - Mon, 2018-05-21 10:00
In October 2107, the USS Michigan again made a port call that was made public. The message to North Korea and to President Kim Jong-un was: We are here. In your back yard. Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), which has grown powerful and
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Iran's Leaders at War with Western Civilization

Gatestone Institute - Sun, 2018-05-20 11:00
The archipelago of political Islam in Europe, from Tariq Ramadan to the Muslim Brotherhood, revolves around the orbit of the Qatar-Iran axis. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood openly sided with Khomeini's revolutionaries as they overthrew the Shah, and now
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Iraqi Election Opens New Chapter

Gatestone Institute - Sun, 2018-05-20 10:00
During the British House of Commons' stormy debate on 29 August 2013 on whether or not to intervene in Syria to stop further chemical weapon massacres by President Bashar al-Assad, the then leader of the opposition Ed Miliband boasted that he could prove
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Is salt bad for you? Let’s feed prisoners low-salt food and see

Bioedge - Sun, 2018-05-20 03:24
Researchers enter fraught area of clinical research
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Guernsey rejects assisted suicide

Bioedge - Sun, 2018-05-20 03:19
Back door closed for right-to-die methods in the United Kingdom Read more...
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US states could use nitrogen to execute prisoners

Bioedge - Sun, 2018-05-20 03:12
If it works for underground assisted suicide networks, why not in prisons? Read more...
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Nuffield Council releases study of AI in healthcare

Bioedge - Sun, 2018-05-20 03:06
Serious ethical issues emerge
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California judge overturns assisted suicide

Bioedge - Sat, 2018-05-19 12:20
Lawmakers are planning an appeal.
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Vote narrows as Ireland’s abortion referendum approaches

Bioedge - Sat, 2018-05-19 12:14
The "repeal" vote has a commanding lead, but the result is not a forgone conclusion. Read more...
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What should a doctor do when a loved one is ill?

Bioedge - Sat, 2018-05-19 12:08
It's more complicated than just not treating your child. Read more...
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New documentary tells personal story of VSED

Bioedge - Sat, 2018-05-19 12:03
A transgender person chooses to end his life rather than suffer cognitive decline. Read more...
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A Month of Islam and Multiculturalism in France: April 2018

Gatestone Institute - Sat, 2018-05-19 11:00
More than 250 French public figures — elected officials from all sides of the political aisle, representatives of different religions, intellectuals and artists — signed a manifesto against "the new anti-Semitism" brought to France by mass immigration
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Fatal Flaws Screening in Channel Islands (Guernsey) Helps Defeat Assisted Suicide proposal.

Alex Schadenberg - Fri, 2018-05-18 21:03
Kevin Dunn with Dr Carmen Wheatley“During the government debate there was a moving moment when Deputy Graham McKinley, after announcing he had seen the Fatal Flaws film on Alderney, and how moved he was by it, bravely explained why he was abandoning the Requete.” – Dr. Carmen Wheatley, Executive Director, Assisted Living, Guernsey (UK)By Kevin Dunn
Director of Fatal Flaws
I had always hoped this film would be a game-changer. Looks like it’s happening.

I’ve just returned from The Channel Islands, UK where we had two screenings of Fatal Flaws: Legalizing Assisted Death. One in Guernsey and another in Alderney. These screenings happened just prior to a three day debate and vote on assisted suicide. According to The Guardian, “if the Requete had passed, Guernsey would have become the first place in the British Isles to offer euthanasia for people with terminal illnesses.” Instead they voted to improve palliative care on the island.

Newspaper ad promoting Fatal FlawsThe sponsor of the screening, Dr. Carmen Wheatley, Orthomolecular Oncology Medical Researcher and Executive Director of Assisted Living, Guernsey, reached out to me a few weeks ago and asked me if I would come to the Island before the vote. 
In an email Dr Wheatley sent me today, she told me that during the debate, a Deputy for Alderney revealed to all that he had seen your film there, had become very moved by the content, listened to the Alderney folk, and changed his mind. The other Requeteers were not expecting this final coup de grace. In a more formal statement, she wrote “In spite of misrepresentations of the film by campaigners, who refused to view it, and a mysterious blockade on TV and radio interviews from the one person on Guernsey, Kevin Dunn, who not only lives in a country, Canada, with such death legislation, but has been to no less than 6 jurisdictions/countries, interviewing doctors, patients, families on both sides of the divide, this documentary deeply impressed those few Deputies and the larger public who saw it.” She went on to say, 
“To the extent that the 1 of 2 Alderney representatives, who had originally, – and probably against his better judgement, been one of the signatories of the Requete, found the courage shortly before the decisive vote to publicly and dramatically renege on his allegiance to the Requete, thus adding to the strength of the decisive final No vote.”In the film, I asked journalist Gerbert Van Loenen from The Netherlands, “who is telling the other side of the story?” He said, “I’m afraid no one.” Through the testimonies of so many brave and passionate people in this film, we were able to do just that: tell stories of a highly underrepresented group of people and shine a light on a dark corner of the political and medical landscape. 
What could be more important than saving the lives of the vulnerable?

Kudos to the entire FF team.

Kevin Dunn, Director
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Swiss assisted suicide clinic founder charged with profiteering

Alex Schadenberg - Fri, 2018-05-18 20:39
Alex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

LMinelli at the Dignitas clinicudwig Minelli, the founder of the Dignitas assisted suicide clinic, has been charged for profiteering in the deaths of his clients. Accusations that Minelli charges inappropriate fees at the Dignitas clinic have circulated for years.
The Swiss media have reported that prosecutors are basing their case on two key cases. According to the Swiss Local:
In one of the cases, Minelli allegedly in 2010 charged a mother and daughter pair around 10,000 francs each instead of the usual cost of some 5,000 to 6,000 francs. In the second case, Minelli is alleged in 2003 to have taken advantage of an 80-year-old woman who was sick but not terminally ill. He approached four doctors before finally finding one who was willing to aid to woman to commit suicide. Prosecutors argue his persistence in this second case was based on the fact the woman had promised a 100,000-franc donation to Dignitas on her death. They also argue the woman gave power of attorney to Minelli, allowing him to transfer 46,000 francs to a Dignitas account when she died.Swiss law permits assisted suicide as long as it is not done for “self-serving” motives. Breaking the law could result in a maximum sentence of five years in prison.
Soraya WernliSeveral years ago, Soraya Wernli, a former Dignitas employee, told the Daily Mail that  Minelli was selling the personal effects of his dead clients at pawn shops and he was charging some of his clients exorbitant fees. Wernli also told the Daily Mail about the horrific death of Peter Auhagen. According to the article:The gruesome 70-hour death of Peter Auhagen was the case that ended Wernli’s career with Dignitas and caused her to agree to be a secret informer for the police who were investigating Minelli. Usually Minelli used a lethal dose of barbiturates to assist suicides but in the case of Auhagen, Minelli decided to test a “suicide machine” that the patient controlled the administration of drugs. Wernli said that: ‘the machine had a fault which meant it couldn’t pump all the poison into his system. The man was partially poisoned, in agony and thrashing around in a coma, frothing at the mouth and sweating. ... It was a terrible thing to witness, and I knew it could not go on. Wernli recounts that Auhagen was still alive. She called Minelli who then came by and after a heated discussion he told the family to go for a walk and then someone administered the drugs by injection. Wernli claims that Minelli kept a supply of drugs in his personal office in case of an emergency.Pietro D'AmicoIn April 2013, Pietro D’Amico, a 62-year-old magistrate from Calabria Italy, died by assisted suicide at a suicide clinic in Basel Switzerland. His autopsy showed that he had a wrong diagnosis.
In February 2014, Oriella Cazzanello, an 85 year-old healthy woman died at a Swiss suicide clinic. The letter she sent her family stated that she was unhappy about how she looked.
In August 2015 a healthy depressed British woman died by assisted suicide in Switzerland.
Minelli also accused of dumping human remains into Lake Zurich.
Sadly, if convicted, prosecutors appear to be only seeking a fine.
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Assisted suicide bill overwhelmingly defeated in Guernsey

Alex Schadenberg - Fri, 2018-05-18 16:46
Guernsey ParliamentAlex Schadenberg
Executive Director - Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

More incredible news: The Guernsey parliament, today, defeated a proposal to legalize assisted suicide in the British Island state by a vote of 24 to 14.

This is incredible news considering the resources that the assisted suicide lobby invested into passing assisted suicide in Guernsey, that they viewed as a possible "opening" to the legalization of assisted suicide in the UK.

Guernsey newspaper ad.According to the Guardian the assisted suicide proposal was based on the Oregon model.
The proposal sought to adopt the Oregon model, meaning that euthanasia would be restricted to people with a diagnosis of terminal illness with less than six months to live and full mental capacity.A coalition of groups formed to defeat the bill included disability rights groups - Not Dead Yet UK, and the Guernsey Disability Alliance, also the British Medical Association, and the Care Not Killing Alliance in the UK. 

Carmen, from Assisted Living in Guernsey booked Kevin Dunn, producer of the film - Fatal Flaws - to address a audience after the screening of Fatal Flaws in Guernsey. We are happy to state that several members of the Guernsey parliament attended the screening of Fatal Flaws and one member changed their position on assisted suicide after watching Fatal Flaws.

Dr Peter SaundersPeter Saunders, campaign director for the Care Not Killing Alliance was reported in the Shropshire Star as stating:
“We welcome this strong rejection of this dangerous proposition by the elected Deputies on the Island. “Parliamentarians across the UK have rightly rejected attempts to introduce assisted suicide and euthanasia ten times since 2003 out of concern for public safety, including in 2015 when the House of Commons overwhelmingly voted against any change in the law by 330 votes to 118. “We know the Deputies in Guernsey will now turn their attention to the real issues facing disabled people and the terminally ill on the island, ensuring equality of access to the very best health care available and how to fund this.”Recently the Finland parliament rejected euthanasia and a California court struck down the California assisted suicide law as unconstitutional.
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CofE Campaigns to retain Civil Partnerships

Christian Concern - Fri, 2018-05-18 16:43
The Church of England has sprung into action to respond to a government proposal that shakes the foundations of church doctrine. Well, not quite! The normally slow to act and cautious CofE has swiftly taken action to lobby ministers and provide a statement to the press as soon as it became known that the government is considering scrapping civil partnerships. Tim Dieppe comments on the reasons behind this response.

Tim Dieppe comments on the CofE's campaign to retain Civil Partnerships

The Church of England has sprung into action to respond to a government proposal that shakes the foundations of church doctrine. Well, not quite! The normally slow to act and cautious CofE has swiftly taken action to lobby ministers and provide a statement to the press as soon as it became known that the government is considering scrapping civil partnerships.

read more

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